Selecting either an 18-carat yellow gold or sterling silver doodle setting, bunny-lovers can now choose their preferred wink of white quartz, pale pink tourmaline, pale blue topaz or pearl. Alternatively, sparkle your snail with an amethyst eye; decorate your dachshund with dark blue topaz; pop a dark pink tourmaline treat in your mini mouse; opt for a peridotted owl; or stash away a shiny onyx nut in your squirrel.

    Luxury. With your very own wink.

  • 18 carat yellow gold bunny with tourmaline

  • sterling silver bunny with tourmaline

  • 18 carat yellow gold snail with amethyst

  • sterling silver snail with amethyst

  • 18 carat yellow gold mouse with tourmaline

  • sterling silver mouse with garnet

  • 18 carat yellow gold hound with topaz

  • sterling silver hound with topaz

  • 18 carat yellow gold owl with peridot

  • sterling silver owl with peridot

  • 18 carat yellow gold squirrel with onyx

  • sterling silver squirrel with smoky quartz